Our Values

The Labor movement has a vision of a fair society where everyone is supported to live up to their potential.

All of our values are based in the knowledge that people will excel if given the support and opportunity they need to succeed.

Free Health care for all

The Labor Whitlam Government created Medicare. We believe free, good health care is essential for a strong society.

Free Education for all

Labor created the concept of free public education, Uni and Tafe in Australia. It is the best investment we can make.

Real Action to stop Global Warming

Lack of real leadership is plunging the earth into a Climate emergency. Labor knows that decisive action is needed.

Supporting workers for a stronger industry

We know that strong industries are born from supporting workers to improve their workplaces.

Supporting people with Disabilities

Labor created the NDIS to protect the dignity of those who can't look after themselves.

Fair Taxation & Strong Economy

Labor created Superannuation and the Australian free market by floating the dollar. Labor creates a better economy.

Innovation & Research

Through the Labor R&D Tax Rebate Australian start-up companies flourish. Labor supports all small businesses.

Supporting Arts & Culture

Culture, arts and analysis is the cornerstone of a just society. Labor recognises this and funds accordingly.

Free and Fair Elections

Money has too much influence in our elections. The Labor movement wants to see more free and fair elections.

Cultural Diversity for a better society

We are a nation of immigrants. Cultural diversity allows us to improve ourselves and builds our global family.

Supporting better farming practices

Supporting farmers to create more natural and innovative farming practices to improve sustainability.

Forestry and the Environment

We know that a well regulated forestry industry allows the ethical consumption of timber products.